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“Brings ExtraOrdinary to the Ordinary!”

Libby makes common items like paper and water appear to have extraordinary powers. Her lessons captivate the imagination and attention of the young and the young at heart at heart. Ms. Bolduc’s innovative teaching strategies make her a mentor for other educators who wish to incorporate more science activities in their classrooms.

-Gerry St. Amand, Principal, Amherst, NH

“Major Highlight to Program!”

(Libby) has developed and implemented the Dr. Can-Do Science Curriculum. This program has been presented to all (kindergarten) programs for six years. Dr. Science’s presentation is a major highlight of the program and is reinforced by excellent family worksheets.

-Sheila Demers, Preschool Coordinator- Merrimack, NH

“Enhanced Learning!”

The (classroom learning) environment is enhanced by clear concise lesson plans and a detailed description of the experiments for parents to discuss with their children.   Overall Libby has formulated a successful program that delivers science to young learners and I believe (it) warrants dissemination and replication.   Overall I support this project as a viable method of increasing the scientific knowledge of young learners.

-David St. Jean, Director of Special Services Merrimack, NH

“Makes Science Wonderful!”

(Libby) has continuously delighted the students, parents, and teachers as well with her hand-on experiments. She has provided the students with much needed education in the wonders of science. The experiments relate to the students everyday life. She sends home parent information sheets which explains the reasons for the experiment’s success and a page requesting both child and parent comments on the experiments.

-Connie Feingold, Preschool Educator, Merrimack, NH

“Lucky Students!”

*The Dr. Can-Do Science curriculum is an exceptional, hands-on program for children in preschool and elementary education.

*The most exciting (thing) about the curriculum, is the ability to include children of all abilities.

*By introducing basic science concepts at an early age, student’s knowledge will increase, and will help raise excitement for science, as well as test scores.

*(After seeing the students learning from Dr. Can-Do Science), the enthusiasm of the students leaves me with knowledge that Dr. Can-Do Science curriculum works. (It) will benefit and enrich every student who is lucky enough to have this program as a part of their educational curriculum.

*I am excited to have the Dr. Can-Do Science curriculum as part of the kindergarten program. I have seen (the Dr. Can-Do Science) program for the past three years as a teacher and the three years prior as a parent. The excitement and knowledge gained by the students is astounding.

-Sandra Glover, Parent and former Kindergarten Teacher Merrimack


Dany (Chelmsford)

Dr. Science has a great method teaching science to the children. She gives children the opportunity to learn about science by providing them with hands-on activities.

Kathy (Director Chelmsford)

Dr. Can-Do Science® provides the children with hands-on science experiments that are age appropriate and lots of fun. In addition to the curriculum, the Home-Fun & Comment Corner pages allow the parents to continue the learning process at home. The children can’t wait for science class. 

Assemblies Testimonials

Julie (Westford)

I love how you give everyone who wants to the chance to answer questions

Libby does a great job with the children. She engages them with her purple hair and hands-on experiments.

She is patient with the young age groups that she teaches which sometimes can be difficult to do.

Rekha (Sudbury)

Dr. Science is a great teacher, she does her lessons very well. She is organized, with visuals and very entertaining. She is a treat, therefore do try her out. Don’t miss out on what the children could learn through her!


Dr. Science makes the science class fun, and her joy interacting with children is a great way to involve children.

Kathy (Director Chelmsford)

Dr. Science does a wonderful job teaching science to the children. She provides the children with hands-on science experiments that are age appropriate and lots of fun. The children can’t wait for science class.

NL (Director Arlington)

Dr. Science ahs the ability to bring fun and learning together. Everything is hands-on so the children feel like they are contributing to the science experiment. She is able to engage the children as she teaches science. This curriculum exposes children to this at a young age which gets them involved and excited about science.