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“This was so much fun! Christopher was looking forward to doing the science experiment for a long time. He had fun doing this one.”

Mary Smith

“What a great experiment, we loved it! All of us took turns and Mike felt like a BIG Scientist!”

Anne M. Soifet

11 years later Anne writes:

Mikey always remembered what inertia was from you!

“Dr. Science has really taught Brian a lot, and he has so much fun doing it!”

Mary Jane Quimby.

“Neat experiment. I was surprised he knew the reason. Good reinforcement of concept (static electricity). It allows the kids to see the same principle used in a slightly different way.”

Russell Dickson

11 years later his wife Andrea writes:

(Dr. Can-Do Science) was a wonderful program. Jim will be in the 11th grade this year. He made the honor roll (the) last two semesters!     Andrea Dickson

He (Kevin) loves to show me (the) experiments.       –Steve Palm

“I thought that was a great experiment. I like to encourage Roland to ask questions about the experiment, and I really like to see his reactions when the experiment is finished! He is so curious and excited about what he finds out!”

Kristen Perkins