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Engaged and Focused Learners

The Dr. Can-Do Science® curriculum brings fun and excitement into your science experience! This curriculum is perfect for the parents who have chosen to educate their children themselves. Parents want their children to have a solid educational foundation, and reach their potential. The individual nature of the Dr. Can-Do Science® curriculum allows your child the freedom to learn and the freedom to grow! Children love chanting “science power” right before the result of the experiment. Science Power is fun and it focuses all your child’ attention to what’s about to happen. The curriculum is easy to follow; it lists the materials you need, the necessary preparation, the steps to follow, why something happened, and enrichment activities. Dr. Can-Do Science® can be a stand-alone curriculum. When the Physical Science branch of Natural science is your focus, Dr. Can-Do Science® will be your “Go to” curriculum. The experiments fall under Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences. You can also use this curriculum as a supplemental curriculum in which to enrich your child’s experiences. The experiments are safe and fun, and children are advised to ask a grown-up for help when necessary (i.e.: cutting out a cardboard shape). The children love to earn a Dr. Can-Do Science® reward Sticker upon completion of the experiment.

Children love learning through Hands-on experiential methods. Besides the enjoyment factor, through this approach, children will readily remember concepts as they are engaged and focused on the experiment. They will also be able to transfer the experience to other learning situations. This is what we all want our children to be able to do! Families love experimenting and exploring the mysteries of science together. What better way to learn than to have fun also!

Children of all ability levels can be successful with the Dr. Can-Do Science® curriculum! It’s not often that children enjoy what they are doing, are focused and ask questions about what is going on. When they are asked to make their predictions / science guesses, you will be amazed at how their critical thinking develops and the responses you will receive. This curriculum meets many state and national standards; so watch your child’s academic performance improve! Children with special needs of all ages will love experimenting with every day materials and learning about everyday concepts. Our experiments are set up so children who are working on First— Then—protocol or cause and effect concepts will reach their goals. They have fun and feel successful With Dr. Can-Do Science®! All students’ self-esteem grows when they experience success as they are engaged in their experiment. They will love at home with their families. And they will also love earning a Dr. Can-Do Science reward sticker.

If your child is attending a group science class, then the Dr. Can-Do Science® Home Component is perfect for you! It is unique, and everyone loves it! the home school teachers love it because the parents are engaged in the science lesson and reinforcing what was taught. Children love it because they get to be the teacher with their families and show what they learned while having a blast! And parents love it because they get to see what their child is learning and become an active participant in their child’s learning! Besides, we call it “Home-Fun”, not homework!

What can Dr. Can Do Offer Home Schooling?

  • Exciting & Safe Experiments
  • Interactive hands-on learning
  • Inquisitive Learning
  • Meets many state/national standards
  • Freedom to learn, freedom to grow
  • Investigate, explore & experiment
  • Great for children of all abilities
  • Fun for the whole family!

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