The teacher and history behind the Dr. Can-Do Science curriculum.

Our Story

Libby Manning Bolduc developed the Dr. Can-Do Science® curriculum to share the science power with her students. Her kindergarten students had both typical development and special needs. Libby has combined, hands-on experiential learning, with sequential experiments. These fun and exciting experiments answer basic questions of everyday life (air, water, gravity, static electricity, inertia, ice & snow and bubbles, with more to come soon).

After teaching for 31 years, Libby decided to share her awesome curriculum with you! It targets young learners (preschool through third grade), as well as learners of all abilities. But Libby is most proud of the unique home component: “Home Fun!” Now parents can be actively involved in their child’s science education and experience the science power with their children!

Why should the Dr. Can-Do Science curriculum be the NEW LOOK for you?

interactive learning

Unique Home Component

improved engagement

Hands-on Learning

For Children of All Abilities

Safe and Fun Experiments

Who is Dr. Can-Do Science?

Meet Libby Manning Bolduc

Libby Manning Bolduc is an award winning teacher. In 1996, she received The Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from the Parent Information Center in Concord, New Hampshire. Libby taught in public schools for 31 years, and loved it! Now she shares the science power while experimenting in schools, libraries and other settings throughout the country. Libby designed the Dr. Can-Do Science® curriculum so children of all abilities would enjoy the hands-on experiments and feel successful while experimenting. And they do!

“I designed the Dr. Can-Do Science curriculum because I want young children and children of all abilities to experience the wonder and excitement of science. In doing so, a great reward came my way. I watched my student’s excitement for learning increase and their self-esteem grow as they became more confident as active learners! So may the “science power” be with you also!” -Libby Manning Bolduc

Did you know?

Dr. Can-Do Science® will come to you!

Dr. Can-Do Science® does small and large group experiments, and entertains at school assemblies. She will even meet with your staff to customize her program to best meet your individual needs! Learn More

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