Science has a new look!

Hands-on, interactive science experiments/lessons to excite children about science, targeted for preschool through grade 3 and children with different abilities of all ages.

Meets States Standards

The Dr. Can-Do Science Curriculum enables teachers to teach skills mandated by many state standards, and also by the Next Generation Science Standards. It also meets Home/School standards.

Parents & Teachers Work Together

Students benefit when their school work is reinforced at home. That’s what the Dr. Can-Do Science Home-Component does. Parents & children experimenting together!

Home School Education

For parents who home school their children, this hands-on curriculum is exactly what they are looking for. It is self-paced, exciting, and easy to follow. Freedom to learn, freedom to grow!

Student Success

Children of all ability levels are able to have fun and learn with these experiments. Their self-image soars when they become the teacher at home.  Students love earning the Reward Stickers!



By clapping our hands and reciting “Science Power” three times, the children are focused and ready for the outcome of the experiment. It is so much fun the children love it! See video!

Physical, Earth, and Natural Sciences

Children learn about physical, earth and natural sciences with with the Dr. Can-Do Science® experiments. They include: Air Power, Air Pressure, Bubbles, Chemical Reactions, Gravity, Inertia, Static Electricity and Water.

Teacher Approved

Teachers love how our curriculum gets the shy students to participate, and how their class is still talking about what they learned months later. Their students are excited about science!

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Safe & Fun Experiments

All the Dr. Can-Do Science® experiments are safe for experimenting at school and at home. Adults should offer guidance and some assistance when needed.

Parents approved

Parents love how excited their children are to come show their family the experiment they did in science class. They say they are having fun, really learning and loving science!

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Ready to bring fun & excitement to your Science lessons?

If you are ready to engage children by bringing the science power to your science curriculum…Then it’s time to use Dr. Can-Do Science® Experiments / Lesson Plan books! Dr. Can-Do Science® Curriculum builds excitement for learning! Try us, you’ll love it!

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  • 1 Experiment Booklet
  • 6 lesson Plans
  • 100 Stickers included*


    • 1 Experiment Booklet
    • 6 lesson Plans
    • 6-9 Enrichment experiments
    • 6 Comment Corner pages
    • 6 Home Fun pages
    • 100 Stickers included*

* Only included with Print Edition. Stickers may also be purchased separately.

Did you know?

Dr. Can-Do Science® will come to you!

Dr. Can-Do Science® does small and large group experiments, and entertains at school assemblies. She will even meet with your staff to customize her program to best meet your individual needs! Learn More


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